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Backup Evernote – Realtime Evernote Backup

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I’ve been an Evernote user for years and Evernote backup was one of the reasons that we built Frostbox in the first place. I use it as my digital repository for daily use across a desktop, laptop and iPhone. Evernote comes in especially handy when travelling to store all transport, hotel bookings and travel information,

Frostbox already does Evernote backup for our users on a daily basis however we are now happy to announce that we now back up our paying our user accounts in real time! Not every hour or even 10 minutes or so, actual real time, make a change on an Evernote note and synch it and it will instantly update in Frostbox.

We are excited about being able to move some of our other services to real time backup instead of daily. Daily backup is excellent and more than adequate for the majority of our users but power users will appreciate the security of having real time backup so this is the ideal we are striving for but some API’s we use simply don’t (yet) offer this functionality.

Speaking of functionality; We always advise that you use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) when storing data anywhere and Frostbox offers this functionality via Rublon’s 2FA system. Simply download the Rublon app (totally free), click “Enable 2FA” button in the account settings, scan the QR code the smartphone app and you are good to go. From then on even if someone has your password they cannot access your Frostbox account unless they are using your own authorized machine or phone to do it! Read more about Frostbox’s 2FA here - it’s a good overview of what 2FA is and how it works, it’s simple and very secure, if you store data online you should be using it where offered!

Grab a free 7 day Frostbox trial today if you don’t already have one, please note that in trial accounts Evernote backup is still daily, only our paid accounts are real time.

Not head of Evernote? Check it out here it’s amazing!

Posted March 16, 2015
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