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Awesome Tools To Help You Manage Your Social Media.

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We all know there’s no hiding from social. We are all on board, having accounts on every platform. We know how important it is for our brand and from a personal perspective. We also know that to manage social media account effectively, we need a lot of time and effort. This unfortunately coincides with the fact we also want to have a life outside of the small screen. How does one have an awesome social presence without spending all their life online? Get organised! we will show you how.

To stay on top of your social life, you need tools. Fortunately, there is an app for almost everything. Here’s our list of the most practical and important companies that are necessary to help you manage your social media like a pro that you are.


This is one of our favourite tools at Frostbox. Mention lets you set up alerts for any mention of your brand (or competitors? ) anywhere online, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs. It’s like a new, shiny, awesome Google Alerts, but works in real time (yup, yup, Google thinks they are too, but you will know that is not the case the moment you start using their alerts). Beautiful UI, 42 languages to choose from and features like reacting to any mentions and responding within the application (saves you time!), statistics and data export. You can also turn off specific sources (like for example your own Twitter feed) An absolute must for any brand.

manage your social media is a product with a lot of features that is extremely simple to use.

2. Hootsuite

Oldie but goodie here. The poster child and one of the best tools to manage your social media. Where do we start? Anything you need from a social management tool is covered. Advanced analytics, Google Adwords integration to trace your revenue and web conversions from your social outreach, beautiful reports, tools to collaborate with your team with individual permission settings.

So far Hootsuite is the most comprehensive tool for managing unlimited amount of social account and although the competitors are trying hard to create products that would do the same job, so far they fall short.


Similar to, Brand24 has been rocking online monitoring for quite some time in Poland, but this week they opened their private beta to public across the border. As our readers, we want you guys to be well informed and use only the best tools available, so if you want to be amongst the first ones to get your hands on this awesome product (used already by Ikea’s marketing team, Vichy, Intel and Panasonic amongst others), leave your email here.

Here are some of the things Brand 24′s CEO Michal Sadowski offers the users:

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.59.54


Have you ever wondered how some brands just “get” their followers and fans and always seem to know what to share and say? They are probably using Swayy. The platforms brings you the best content to easily share with your audience and followers, based on their interest and engagement. It makes curation of the articles easier, as it lets you drop all the cool stuff you find on the net it one place and read and share within the platform. You can schedule your sharing, customize your keywords, get your hands on some useful analytics and even integrate into your dashboards. Pretty sweet tool.

5. Manage Flitter

Another great tool to manage your social media is ManageFlitter.

There are probably hundreds of account you follow that are now inactive, never followed you back and do not provide any benefits to your business. Clear them all out, together with all the spammers (you can force them to unfollow you too), people with no profile pic. This is a cool feature as in the last few years I have acquired a lot of accounts that are pure noise, or just a number I don’t need. But there is a lot more to the product than that.

ManageFlitter offers the ability to filter and copy other people’s followers and automatically follow users who follow you (although you probably want to think twice about this, if the reason for using MF is to spring clean your Twitter feed..). It is also a great tool to find people relevant to you, searching through their keywords and bios, account age, location and followers.

To top it all off, you get the analytics, tweet scheduling and keyword monitoring.

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Posted November 29, 2013
  • Gloria

    Great article, Maggie! So nice to see in here :) Thank you for recommending our tool!

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