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It’s just over one year since we went live with our beta and what a year it was!

We got some great partnerships, we welcomed a new tech guy in our office, and most of all.. we got thousands of new users for the service and tons of great feedback from you guys, which helped us shape Frostbox.

As you have all probably noticed, we are phasing out the free Frostbox model and introducing the paid one this month.

Due to the need for further development and implementing new features you guys have asked for (search option, multiple account backup etc.) we decided the time is now to get some funds to further our growth.

There were two options we were considering: keeping the freemium and offering pro accounts to paid users or going fully paid with all the features available to paying users as and when we release them.

Why have we decided to stop freemium?

Keeping the free version would mean higher costs that someone would have to pay for the servers and the service, and as it happens in those cases, it’s often the premium users being left to cover the costs of free users. Even if their own back up is worth the equivalent of a coffee, each month they would have to pay the amount equal to the a three course meal to cover the costs of users who chose not to pay. It is sustainable, however we do not think it’s right.

Instead of making the paid version excruciatingly expensive to cover the cost of running free account, we decided to make it affordable for everyone who would like to upgrade.

We aim to make the service as smooth as we can and make it better each and every month, so bear with us through all the changes guys, and if you have any suggestions, fire them across to me ( or Shane ( )

Thanks for being a part of Frostbox!

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Posted January 31, 2014
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