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Has my social life been hacked? Check it out yourself!

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With hacker attacks spreading around the interwebs and affecting virtually every service to certain extend, how great would it be to see if we were / are hacked before the perpetrator causes a total mayhem? Some of the services we use every day give us this ability, we just need to know where to look!

From Facebook to Gmail, the popular platforms are dealing with security breaches on daily basis, so to make users lives easier, they do offer ways in which we can see whether we are the only people who log in to our account. Follow the steps below to see if someone is snooping on you.

1. Facebook

Arguably one of the most popular targets for all kinds of hackers due to the extreme amount of personal data it holds. If hacked, it can cause considerable amount of damage, destroy our reputation, cause friction between the family and friends, cause loss of data and photographs, and deletion of contacts and friends list we’ve been curating for years. How to spot the intruder?

- log in > go to the gear icon in the top right corner > chose SETTINGS from the drop down menu

backup facebook

- go to SECURITY in the top left corner > click Edit next to the ACTIVE SESSIONS

facebook backup

- check all of the log ins. If any looks suspicious, click END ACTIVITY

facebook backup

- change your password immediately afterwards

2. Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail providers and many of use uses it as our primary form of online contact. If you happened to have set your account some years back, you probably store a significant amount of photos you have been sharing with friends in the pre-Facebook era. There are contacts, confirmation emails and probably links to our banking or other services, like.. Facebook! To check if you are the only person with the access to your Gmail:

- log in to your Gmail > go to the bottom right of the page > click DETAILS

backup gmail

- you should see the last 10 times you logged in to your account.

At the top, click SIGN OUT ALL OTHER SESSIONS if you forgot to log out from another location > go to the bottom > open alert preferences

gmail backup gmail2

- here you will find see all the suspicious activity if anyone else is trying to open your Gmail.

gmail backup gmail3

Click SHOW ALERT FOR UNUSUAL ACTIVITY to be notified of any intrusion in your account. If you see anything suspicious (like an unknown IP address), change your password

3. Twitter

Twitter users had their fair share of worries over the years. Here are some tips from Howcast on how to strengthen your security:

4. LinkedIn
Linked has been hacked a number of times, but one of the most serious breaches happened in 2012, with over 6
million LinkedIn users having their passwords leaked. Why are we still talking about it? Because unlike Facebook or
Twitter, as a professional networking tool, LinkedIn tends to be left forgotten, sometimes for prolonged periods of time, or until the next time we are looking for a job. Fortunately, checking the security of your LinkedIn account is pretty straight forward.

- Change your password

- Check if you have re-used your LinkedIn password on any other websites and if so, change those passwords too.

- Enter your LinkedIn password in the tool provided by security company LastPass.
5. Instagram
If your Instagram account is leaving comments or posting photos that you know nothing about, your password has likely been compromised and your account hacked.
To stop an account from posting on your behalf: change your password or send yourself a password reset email and revoke access to any suspicious third-party applications.
Always stay on the safe side guys, and always keep all your social account backed up to Frostbox!
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Posted February 07, 2014
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