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How to back up Instagram with Frostbox

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Over the years Instagram had its ups and downs, hacks, deleted accounts, but it remains one of the most popular photo sharing applications around. It’s still our go-to place for adding some extra filters to lunches and pooch pics. Many professional photographers use Instagram to promote their work.

With all those amazing pics we have uploaded to Instagram, the application is quite often the only place where those images are saved. It’s time to secure your best snaps for future generations. Here’s how to back up Instagram photos to Frostbox:

1. Sign up / log in to Frostbox

back up instagram

2. Go to SERVICES tab and click on CONNECT INSTAGRAM. We will ask you to authorise Frostbox to secure all your photos. We back up all the pics you have shared and also the ones you’ve “liked”!

back up instagram

3. Once you have authorised us to back up your images, you will see this little bouncy ball..

instagram backup

Fear not! You can exit this screen. This action will not stop or pause your backup. You can view your backup straight away, even when in progress, by clicking the X in the top right corner and exiting the bouncy ball pop-up. Depending on the size of your account, backing up all your photos may take few minutes. Take this time to connect more accounts!

4. Your Instagram dashboard will look similar to this:

instagram backup instagram

Under Settings you can see whether your service is connected or not, you can also disconnect your Instagram backup, we will no longer add new photos to your account, but all the pics backed up so far will be available as long as the actual Frostbox account is live. When you disconnect Instagram backup, you can always come back and reconnect it, as long as you still have the access to your original Instagram account.

Under your Instagram settings you can also find the username of your Instagram account and the time of the last backup.

Currently the only way to delete all your Instagram photos is deleting the whole Frostbox account.

We are currently working on adding the ability to add more Instagram accounts under one umbrella. Watch this space!

how to backup instagram

By clicking the Instagram camera sign, you can instantly come back to your Instagram backup dashboard.

From your Instagram dashboard you can access all the Instagram data we secured: followers, people you follow, photos (under this button you will find your “liked” photos and the photos you backed up recently) and videos.

You can also back up Instagram instantly by syncing any newly added pics using the Sync Instagram button (Frostbox automatically backs up all the new data daily, but if for any reason you want to speed up the process, you can!).

If you get stuck with anything or there are any questions that pop in to mind while you are using Frostbox, in the bottom right corner, you have a button (with the question mark) that helps you message us directly from Frostbox, without the need to write us e-mails (although we do like those, too, so feel free to get in touch at if you prefer).

Drop us a line if you get have any questions. Now go and back up Instagram before hackers get hold of it. x

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Posted February 07, 2014
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