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How to back up Tumblr

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As of today, Tumblr has got over 170 million blogs. That’s one blog per each citizen of Pakistan, or one blog per two citizens of the United States! The rate of growth might have slowed down since the Yahoo! acquisition last year, but it has definitely not stopped. We tell you why you should back up Tumblr before you sign up to Frostbox, but today we though we’ll give you a lowdown on HOW to do it!

Backing up Tumblr takes as little time as backing up anything else with Frostbox, but there are some questions we have received in your feedback and we decided to address those too. Let’s start with the basics!


1. Log in or sign up to Frostbox. If you are signing up, you need to click on the activation e-mail we send to you when registering. Make sure you didn’t misspell the e-mail and if nothing arrives within a few seconds please check your spam folder. When your account is activated, you can log in and proceed.

2. After you logged in, you can have a chat with our Main Man Shane, who is going to pop in on the intercom (he is nice, have a chat with him, he looks dangerous but he is a sweetheart). You can also go straight to the “services” tab on top.

tumblr backup

3. Click “Connect Tumblr

tumblr backup

4. We will give you a brief reminder of what we back up from your Tumblr, before proceeding.

5. Frostbox will redirect you to the authorisation pop-up:


This is the only option we are given by Tumblr and we have no say in terms of editing this text. Frostbox will never spam your Tumblr with anything you haven’t posted yourself. That’s just not cool and we know it.

6. After you have authorised us to back up your data, you will see a bouncy ball telling you that your Tumblr backup is in progress. You can exit this box by clicking the “X” in the top right corner, or add another service you would like to back up. Exiting this pop up box will NOT stop or disturb your backup.

tumblr backup

7. If you are not very patient and want to check out the progress of your Tumblr backup, exit the pop up above, and ta-da! You are in your Tumblr backup dashboard!

tumblr dashboard

The Tumblr logo in the top right corner will always bring you back to your Tumblr dashboard.

Settings will tell you when was your last backup (we run those daily, but if there is any delay, here you’ll see when was the last one). Her you can also see when you started backing up Tumblr and if you decide this isn’t for you, in your Tumblr settings you can also disconnect your future backups.

Disconnecting your Tumblr backup stops any future backups, but it it does not erase the data, so you can view it at any time. To delete all the Tumblr backup data, you need to delete your Frostbox account in your Frostbox account settings (top right corner).

Blogs. Here you can view your actual backup. If you have only one blog under your e-mail used to register with Tumblr, you will see this blog after clicking the “blog” button. If you have more: you will see them all!

tumblr blogs

By clicking on the sub-blog you want to check out, you will see all the stuff we have backed up for you: your text posts, links, videos, quotes and images. We do not yet back up reblogged content. Bear with us folks ;)

tumblr blogs

Feeling like there is something missing? Maybe you have written a massive text post and cannot wait for the back up of it? No worries. Under your Tumblr dashboard we also have a “sync” button, which kick starts your back up then and there on demand.

I hope this answers some of the questions you might have had regarding Tumblr backup, but if not: drop us a line at, send us a tweet @frostboxcom, Facebook us, submit a comment under this post or see what other questions crop up recently from other users:

Frequently asked questions:

1. How many Tumblr accounts can I back up?

Currently Frostbox allows users to back up Tumblr and it’s sub accounts (additional blogs) set up under one e-mail address. If you are a seasoned Tumblr user, you will be familiar with those. You can set them up by clicking the downward pointing arrow on the right hand side, under your current blog’s name:

tumblr backup

You can then come up with a new name, and providing it’s free, you can claim it!

backup tumblr

Then you will be able to access it from Tumblr at any time by clicking on the downward pointing arrow and selecting the blog where you want to add content. We just set up a sub-blog “HelloFrostbox” from one account we have opened using only one e-mail address. Now if we connect to Frostbox, sync our Frostbox data or even simply wait for the next back up (every 24h), your sub-blog will be available for viewing in your Frostbox account.

backup tumblr blogsTo see your backed up Tumblr stuff, log in to your Frostbox account > go to services > either View Tumblr (if you have previously backed it up) or Connect Tumblr (if you haven’t).

We do not yet offer a back up for account associated with different e-mail addresses although we are working to bring all your blogs under one umbrella.

2. What can I get backed up with Frostbox? Will all my posts be backed up?

Currently you can back up Tumblr text posts, images, quotes and videos. All those need to be your own content, and not a re-blogged stuff. We do not yet back up re-blogged posts or comments / descriptions under your posts. If we do get a lot of users requesting this, we will definitely consider adding it as a feature.

3. How do I download my Tumblr content? 

Go to your Tumblr dashboard (in case you forgot how to get here: log in > services > view Tumblr) and click on blogs. Choose the one from which you would like to import your content. Then choose the content you would like to download. If it’s text posts you are after: click “text”. If it’s photos you are after: click “photos”. You will see a downward pointing arrow in the top right corner:

download tumblr

Click on the arrow and your content is on its way!

Any questions: give us a shout. Stay safe!

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Posted February 18, 2014
  • Douglas Reese

    I’ve noticed when I run the sync it never backs up any posts in the past 24 hours. Is this a setting we can change? I would love the synch to back up my blog to my current posts.

  • racarrera

    Can this also backup likes and people I’m following?

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