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Do you fit into the below number? 2.4 Billion Vulnerable Internet Users

Hacks, Deletes & Errors, they happen everyday!

Now, because we don’t want to upset those lovely people at Trading Standards by making false claims, we’ve invented some fictional scenarios involving very real situations. These situations could happen and indeed have happened to many unsuspecting people.

Frank can't get enough of Facebook. The first thing he does when he gets up is to check in to see what his 393 friends are up to. Unknown to Frank, somebody likes to watch what Frank is up to and they also have unauthorised access to his Facebook account. The next time Frank attempts to log in, he's told in no uncertain terms that his Facebook account is not available. Further investigation tells Frank his account has been hacked and deleted and that his Facebook data is gone forever.

By signing up for Frostbox, Frank could have backed up his Facebook (and other social media accounts) data quickly and easily.

Susan is a mum of two and loves to take photos of her kids. She's finally gotten round to uploading all of her cherished summer holiday snaps onto Flickr and sharing them with friends and family. Once she's uploaded the photos, Susan decides to delete them from her computer and her camera to make some space. Susan is a very tidy person and likes everything to be in its place. Except the next time she checks into Flickr, her photos are not there! She logs out and back in, but the photos have disappeared. Susan emails Flickr customer support, but they tell her they don't take any responsibility for her data and that a user problem must have occurred. Susan is quite understandably devastated.

By signing up for Frostbox, Susan could have backed up her Flickr account and got instant peace of mind that her photos were safe and secure. Frostbox offers excellent protection for those treasured memories and many other items of irreplaceable data.

David works from home and stores all of his documents and presentations on his hard drive. Everything he has ever worked on is stored neatly in organised folders on his laptop. David knows he should have arranged a backup solution a long time ago, but he's too busy, and anyway, his top of the range laptop is very reliable. But David didn't account for a computer virus and he certainly didn't account for his entire hard drive being eaten alive! Not only did he kiss goodbye to his personal data, but all of his work documents were gone for good.

By signing up for Frostbox David could have backed up all of his documents to our servers and simply reloaded them onto his repaired laptop. Frostbox provides unbeatable value and reassurance that your data is backed up online.

Frostbox Makes Social Media Backup Simple, Fast and effortless.

The moment you sign up to Frostbox you’ll get instant peace of mind that your online data is backed up on a regular basis. Short of giving your data a big hug, we’ll keep it totally safe, secure and happy. You never know when disaster may strike, but at least you’ll know you can easily retrieve your online data quickly and without any fuss. It’s a refreshingly simple, but very cool way to back up your data and because we’re nice we let you access your data anywhere and share it with others too!

If you really have the time to restore your enormous Facebook Friends List, Contacts, Twitter Followers from scratch then perhaps Frostbox isn’t for you. If you’d rather restore your data effortlessly and go back to important issues like beating your personal best on Angry Birds, we’d love to hear from you!

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