Automated social media (and more) backup - Set it and forget it!

Keep everything you value in one, secure place.

Connect your services and view your social life beautifully organised in Frostbox. From the moment you connect your accounts, the back up happens automatically. If anything bad happens to your social data, you will always have a backup copy stored in your Frostbox account.

We back up your more than just social media! - Now Gmail, Evernote & Tumblr!

We started off looking to just offer Facebook backup and Twitter archiving but soon realised that wherever people invest their time and energy they are building moments that they wouldn't want to lose so we started to look at other services where valuable data is stored and at the mercy of the internet gods and hackers etc.

Frostbox now offers Gmail backup, Evernote backup, Tumblr backup and even Instagram, these are in addition to our standard Facebook backup, Twitter backup, Linkedin backup, Foursquare backup and Flickr backup.

Connect your accounts now, It takes just a few seconds per account and then you can forget it, Frostbox will encrypt and backup your services automatically to our secure servers every day.

We keep it all super secure

Frostbox uses Amazon S3 storage, which makes your data secure by default. Amazon S3 supports encryption for both secure transit and secure storage.

With Amazon S3’s data protection features, we can protect your data from both logical and physical failures, guarding against data loss from unintended user actions, application errors, and infrastructure failures.

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