Back up your Flickr account

Frostbox offers an easy to set up automated archive and Flickr backup tool for your Flickr photos and Flickr albums.

Use Frostbox to backup Flickr for the safety as well as posterity. Backup and secure your preciously holiday memories, pictures of your kids growing up or good times with friends. If lost, they will be gone forever and you may not be able to re-live them all again.

Your Flickr Backup Will:
  • Backup Flickr Photos
  • Backup Flickr Albums

Why back up Flickr?

Human error is the main reason photos get deleted from Flickr or, what’s worse: the whole account gets wiped out. The fat finger syndrome affects many users, and what’s worse: there is not much we can do, when photos or an album gets deleted, Frostbox's automated Flickr backup  offers extra security and peace of mind.

If content in the Flickr account is deemed inappropriate or violates terms of service or copyrights it gets deleted and this decision is irrevocable.

Hackers are also a factor in the number of lost Flickr accounts.

With one click access, the Flickr mobile application gives full access to your Flickr account to anyone who has access to your mobile so if it's lost or stolen by someone malicious then having Flickr backup could come in very handy.

We want to make sure none of these situations affect you and your Flickr account, and should anything bad happen, you have got a copy of the most important Flickr content secured and waiting in your Frostbox account.

Considering the fact that potentially a huge part of your memories are locked in beautiful photographs that could be at stake if not regularly backed up, getting an automated Flickr backup is good practice.

Get started today! Backup Flickr on Frostbox
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