Back up your Foursquare account

Foursquare is the go-to app to keep track of the restaurants, cafes and other interesting places you visited, It’s constantly evolving. You’ve invested time into checking into the places you’ve been to so it’s only logical to backup Foursquare checkins  and archive the date, time, longitude and latitude, as well as your Foursquare friends list and Foursquare badges.


Your Foursquare Backup Will:
  • Backup Foursquare Badges
  • Backup Foursquare Check-ins
  • Backup Foursquare Friends

Why back up your Foursquare?

Although a hacked Foursquare account is really rare, if your account is connected to another social network account (for example: Twitter or Facebook), it doesn’t necessarily need to be hacked directly to give someone access to it.

Networks come and go. Gowalla, Foursquares old competitor, was acquired by Facebook, and shortly after the site was shut with no option to recover your check-ins and information related to the places we have previously visited.

We want to make sure none of those situations will affect you and your Foursquare data, and should anything bad happen, you have got a copy of the most important Foursquare content backed up safe and secure waiting in your Frostbox account.

Get started today! Backup Foursquare on Frostbox
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