Back up your Gmail account

With around 300 million users, Gmail is one of three most popular email service in the world, and quickly becoming a hub for our internet communication and default online address. Gmail backup should be a priority for anyone who has anything they value in their Gmail account.

We all forward work e-mails to our inbox. Somewhere in there are the pictures of our best friends’ weddings and photos of our holidays together. After all, before the days of posting to various social networks, we were sharing images via email so to backup Gmail should second nature.

For some of us it’s almost an online home, connecting everything from our banking, shopping to personal communication and work. Often we have years of data and messages stored in Gmail and would be a devastating experience, Get protected today with Frostbox’s automated Gmail backup.

Your Gmail Backup Will:
  • Backup Gmail Messages (sent, received)
  • Backup Gmail Attachements
  • Backup Gmail Photos

Why back up your Gmail?

Hacker attacks and hosting failures in Gmail have been on the rise in recent years. In April 2012 an estimate 33.2 million Gmail users suffered email outrage.

With the number of users accessing their email from mobile now higher than ever, and not many of us actually password protecting the access to our inbox via mobile, having a Gmail back up has never been as important as it is now.

Whilst the content of your email is growing, it is only getting more valuable each day so it should be a priority for anyone who values their email to get a Gmail backup in place.

We want to make sure none of those situations will affect you and your Gmail data, and should anything irrecoverable happen, you have got a copy of the most important content secured and waiting in your Frostbox account.

Get started today! Backup Gmail on Frostbox
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