Back up your Tumblr account

Tumblr is quickly becoming the top microblogging platform and social networking website. For some of us it’s almost an online diary and so it’s only natural to backup Tumblr as we would like to save it, if not for ourselves, for posterity.

From the photos posted, quotes and writings to videos, Frostbox provides you with a back up of the most important data from your Tumblr and best of all you can backup all sub-blogs under the same email address!

Back up Tumblr today and get protected with Frostbox.

Frostbox for Tumblr :
  • Backup Tumblr Text Posts
  • Backup Tumblr Photos
  • Backup Tumblr videos
  • Backup Tumblr quotes

Why back up your Tumblr?

Human error is one of the main reasons Tumblr posts get deleted and the fat finger syndrome affects many users, and what's worse: there is not much we can do when our content gets deleted. Hacker attacks on Tumblr happen occasionally, and system errors are also possible, as experienced in the past.

How hard would it be to recreate all the content you have created? Are you keeping a copy of all the posts shared with your Tumblr followers? If not then you need to seriously consider Tumblr Backup.

User deletion can cause problem. If, like many of our customers, you are a social media professional or a PR company and are responsible for your client’s accounts, Tumblr backup is just good practice. Having more than one person with the access to the account is good enough reason to keep a copy of your Tumblr content.

With one click access, mobile apps give full access to your Tumblr account to anyone who has access to your mobile.

We want to make sure neither the hackers nor your own mistakes slow you down and should anything bad happen, you have got a copy of the most important Tumblr content secured and waiting in your Frostbox account.

Get started today! Backup Tumblr With Frostbox
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