Back up your Twitter account

Frostbox is an easy to set up automated archive and Twitter backup tool for your most important Twitter data, including your Tweets, Mentions, Messages, Friends and Followers.

Use Frostbox to backup and archive your Twitter posts for the posterity. Secure your preciously curated friends and followers and all the brand advocates you and your company managed to amass over time.

If you are using your twitter for business purposes, your followers are often your brand ambassadors. Don’t let them all disappear next time Twitter gets hacked!

Your Twitter Backup Will:
  • Backup Your Tweets
  • Backup Twitter Followers
  • Backup People you follow On Twitter
  • Backup Your Twitter messages
  • Backup Twitter Mentions
  • Backup Re-tweets of you
  • Backup Re-tweets by you

Why back up your Twitter?

Hacker attacks on Twitter have been on the rise in recent years. From spamming your friends and contacts with slimming pills and offering promotional prices for Viagra to complete accounts takeover and full deletion or lock out.

User deletion can cause problem. If, like many of our customers, you are social media professional or a PR company, and are responsible for your client’s accounts, Twitter back up is just good practice. Having more than one person with the access to the account (employees, partner) is good enough reason to keep a backup of your Twitter account.

We want to make sure none of those situations will affect you and your Twitter data, and should anything bad happen, you have got a full Twitter backup of the most important content secured and waiting in your Frostbox account.

With one click access, mobile application gives full access to your Twitter account to anyone who has an access to your mobile.

Get started today! Backup Twitter on Frostbox
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