It all started with an Idea!

It was 2010, a cold winters night in Poland when Shane and Maggie realised something...

So we started scribbling ideas on a napkin!

We noticed, that in today’s world, social media became everyone’s hobby, second life and essentially an addiction in extreme cases.

Most of us spend more time on social media sites than helping our kids with their homework.. By doing so, we invest heavily in the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

What would happen if those services were no longer available, the sites crashed, the servers lost our carefully curated data, our computers got hacked..?

Who would we turn to? Who would we call? (I checked, “Ghostbusters don’t pick up”)

We need “social media insurance”. Somewhere we keep all our precious data in emergency; One place we can log in when disaster strikes.

All our precious contacts, Facebook friends lists, Twitter followers, all the photos we have scattered everywhere from Instagram to Flickr, Gmail, Evernote and even Tumblr!

Just thinking about losing any of those run shivers down my spine! Yikes! As an avid social media child, not being able to access all this data scares me more than losing my phone, crashing my car, or jumping out of the plane wearing a parachute packed by a 3 year old.

And that's how the idea of Frostbox came about.

We aim to let you effortlessly store anything from all the major social media networks... and more. In the process of creation and coding, we have thrown in many more features, like document and file back up and sharing, as part of one solution.

In April 2012 we came out of our igloo and took the Frostbox Penguins to The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, where we got tons of great feedback, for which we are really grateful, but even more than the good, nice, fluffy stuff, we love the hardcore, cruel, painful feedback, as this helps us improve and move forward.

Today we are a team of 6 developers, designers, problem solvers and geeks, working to bring you the best back up solution in the universe.

We are fully self funded, so join us, as we improve and grow.

We would love to have you as a part of our community!

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